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NewCommercial Cool 1.2 Cu. Ft. Upright Freezer w/ Adjustable Thermostat Control NEW
Upright & Chest Freezers
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New15.8 ci Imperial commercial upright freezer
Best Offer Enabled
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NewChefsFirst Solid 2 Door Upright Reach-In Commercial Freezer
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Imperial Upright Commercial Stand Up Freezer ICF2111A01
$225.00Buy It Now: $600.00
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NewChefsFirst Solid 1 Door Upright Reach-In Commercial Freezer
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Imperial Upright Commercial Freezer White Stand Up Ice Refrigeration UL1710A0
Best Offer Enabled
End time: 01-Aug-16 02:55:08 PDT

NewChefsFirst Glass 1 Door Upright Reach-In Commercial Freezer
End time: 25-Aug-16 02:25:59 PDT

Frigidaire Commercial Stainless Steel Upright Freezer FCFS201LFB2, 20 cu ft
Upright & Chest Freezers
Best Offer Enabled
End time: 04-Aug-16 00:18:35 PDT

NewMcCall Model #MCCF25-S Single Door Upright Commercial Freezer
End time: 13-Aug-16 09:29:45 PDT

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What causes a freezer to build up ice inside the top and top 2 shelf sides, even though the setting is low.?

It's an upright Gibson Heavy Duty Commercial Freezer. The setting is at 3 and ice built up withing 36 hours after defrosting. This freezer is 6 years old. There is no warranty left.

the door gasket may be leaking, letting in moisture, have that problem with my upright, set it at 4 , see if theres a door heater switch on the inside of freezer, it may help,

Appliance casters - can these be installed on any upright refrigerator?

I acutally would like to buy an upright freezer with casters (wheels) that is less expensive than the Gladiator garage freezer. Most that I have found which come with casters are commercial grade and expensive. TIA

If you plan on moving it around alot then it may be worth the effort to install them or have a professional do it for you, often they come buily like that but if you just want to move it once look for a couple of kids with skateboards, give them a sandwich (they're always hungry) and pay them they'll put it on their boards and move it for you, if they want to.

Usually casters fit right in where the levelers go.

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